The sentencing of Brock Turner is the best thing that could have happened to the anti-rape movement!

The ultra-light sentencing of 20-year-old perpetrator, Brock Turner, has gripped the nation. Persistent media coverage has sparked nationwide outrage and ire. Our faith in the justice system has been tested, but there were some definite successes in the handling of this sexual assault case, and those should not go without comment. In that vein, the case’s failures could be equally helpful to reducing sexual assault in the endgame.

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Damon Wayans Says Many of Cosby’s Victims Are “Unrapeable” and the Rest Are a “Money Hustle!”

Damon Wayans says many of Bill Cosby’s victims are “unrapeable” and that the rest are a “money hustle.”

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A Letter to George Will in Response to his Opinion Piece in the Washington Post about Rape

It appears your disdain for the rise in reports of sexual violence on college campuses is based on a contempt for progressive policies.  I take great issue with your implied correlation.

June 9, 2014 · 10 Comments

Shedding Shame: Perspective from Inside the Unite Against Rape Campaign

The first time we discussed’s Unite Against Rape campaign, I sensed it would be bigger than the sum of its parts. We were faced with an opportunity to use our … Continue reading

May 11, 2013 · 3 Comments

A Motley Crew Uniting Against Rape – U.S. Senators Tim Kaine & Mark Warner Join Growing List of Celebrities

“I stand united against rape because no victim of sexual violence should feel alone or hopeless. As Governor, I worked to eliminate outdated laws that discriminated against victims of sexual … Continue reading

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