Achieving Multiple Goals at Independence Golf Club

This piece originally appeared in the January 2016 issue of Golf Course Architecture Magazine.     Golf courses should be more playable, sustainable and quicker, we hear. At Independence Golf Club, … Continue reading

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A Discrepancy of Reasoning: Conflicting Political Ideologies Applied to Syrian Refugee Debate

The Syrian Refugee Debate Demonstrates How Republicans & Democrats Apply Conflicting Reasoning to Political Issues

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Fair Trade: What it is and why you should care.

“Fair Trade” is just starting to become a recognized term in America, thanks largely to the American public’s growing interest in the global economy and global human rights issues. When purchasing a Fair Trade product, we can be assured that its entire supply chain has adhered to ethical business practices.

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Born on Third Base – A Baseball Infographic to Demonstrate Societal Privilege

Born on Third Base – A Baseball Infographic to Demonstrate Societal Privilege. Have you heard the expression, “He was born on third base but thinks he hit a triple?”

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Text of Bernie Sanders’ Speech at Liberty University

Here is the full text of the speech Bernie Sanders made at Liberty University. He was speaking to a notoriously conservative, very religious crowd with whom he shares differing views on many issues – but he spoke with honesty in an effort to find common ground. I think he probably found it.

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