Are You In A Social Media Echo Chamber? How To Take An Objective Look

To make sure we are ingesting truth, and not propaganda with a strong political slant, it is important for everyone to independently verify information gathered through social media and many news sources with a known political persuasion before presenting it to others as fact. Unfortunately, few people do this research.

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About The National Press Club

The National Press Club isn’t famous for the rifts it has caused in marriages, or for being an establishment that houses stolen gold rush artifacts, but the building has a rich history far beyond notable press conferences.

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How Reporters Learn What Was Said in Private White House Communications

Per the Presidential Records Act of 1978, Presidents and Vice Presidents must turn over all of their records to the National Archives upon leaving office.

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Are White House Leaks Illegal?

There are leakers in every department of the federal government, including intelligence agencies. Any information leaked that is not classified would not warrant an official investigation, as it is not against the law.

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Donald Trump’s Leadership Strategy: Malign. Divide. Deflect. Conquer. Repeat.

The safeguards put into place by the United States Constitution to prevent absolute power in the hands of the Executive Branch are being threatened.

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